About Of Pars Eram

About Of Pars Eram Group

Pars Eram Economic and Technical Group, was established and organized in 2003 in order to realize the following goals:

1- Entrepreneurship and actual and real production proportional to facilities and capabilities of the country which can be used in private section.

2- Strict belief in achieving great positions and successes by employing advanced knowledge of the world, and hard working without any disappointment.

3- Respecting expertise, specialty, experience, and skill existing in human resources of the country and using abundant potential facilities of the country.

4- Believing in national self-efficacy and participating in international markets and representing Islamic-Iranian capabilities and conduct.

5- Realizing, training, and achieving modern managerial, scientific, producing, and technology achievements.

Pars Eram Group has determined its slogan as "Honesty, Quality, and Innovation”, and chosen the term "We work 24 hours daily” while deeply believing in it and performing it.

Until the present time, the legacy of this group has been establishment of 7 companies and 12 producing factories in different sections of designing and constructing massive.

construction projects, food and dairy material, mine and agricultural farms, and cattle-breeding, either in the country or in abroad. 

Pars Eram Group, relying on god’s power and by basing its activity on honesty and having intention of providing sincere services to the society, by hard working continuously, hopes to be at least a small example for the dear youth and the labor society and be able to obtain a portion in international producers society and realize the notion of resistance economy.