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    Payrizan Stone Mine
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    Payrizan Sand Mine
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    Making Upvc Doors And Windows
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    Making upvc doors and windows
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  • 23 Jul 2017, 12:39


Payrizan Sakht Mobin Co

Was established in 2007, and registered in Companies Registration Organization of Tehran under No.283171. 

Payrizan Sakht Mobin Co., having the goal of creating employment grounds and employing experienced and specialized young forces of the country is located in Zavieh industrial town (Markazi Province) and attempts to realize goals of self-efficacy and resistance economy, and is engaged in working in different fields as follows:

Road construction, digging tunnel, mining and extraction of sand, gravel and ballast, building and decorative stone mines, producing different types of pre-casted concrete structures, and producing different types of urban decorative concrete artifacts, different types of poly ethylene, U.P.V.C and Poly Carbonate connections and pipes, and different types of doors, windows, floor covering, and false ceiling tiles, U.P.V.C partitions, and metal artifacts such as different types of welding wires, powder, and electrodes.

This company, with slogan of ‘Honesty, Quality, and Ability Intention” has succeeded to participate in domestic and foreign markets.