visit of the Governor of Tehran Province

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His Excellency the Governor of Tehran Province, Mr. Moghimi, along with the accompanying staff, visited the development of food Industry projects in Panj-gol Parvan agro-industries company. In this three-hour visit, details of the progress for each project were presented to the visitors in distinct and details.
It should be noted that the Parwan agro-industrial projects (with infrastructural coverage of 30000 square meters) is located six kilometers southeast of Tehran and considered to be as one of the most important and influential projects in the country's food industrial sector. These projects include:
1-Production of various drinks, carbonated juices, malt, sport and functional drinks. 
2-Packaging of salads, leafy vegetables and dicotyledonous tubers in frozen and above zero conditions.
3-Preparing and distributing fresh and hot food, grilled Kebabs, sterilized ready-meals with long shelf life and frozen foods.
4-Cultivation and packaging of various types of nuts dehydrated fruits, beans, processing lines of fruit dough.
5-Producing a variety of functional, dairy and healing drinks.
In this visit, Parwan Company (as one of the largest holding companies in Pars Eram holding) has hosted provincial and regional authorities and decision makers. Following this visit, at a meeting with the Presidency of the Pars Eram Group Dr. Zanganeh and the distinguished guests, the issues that caused the slow paste in progress of affairs and projects were discussed thoroughly. As a result of this meeting decisions were made to tackle administrative stumbling blocks as soon as possible and local officials provide the necessary assistance to expedite the resolution of problems.