About us

Pars Eram Technical and Economic Group

The human family living on the planet has reached a degree of comprehension that its health, happiness, surety, security and peace of the community are its goal.
The proper use of the capabilities of nature in the service of nature itself, for sustainable living, is made possible through the creation of research in scientific, educational and entrepreneurial centers, which are the main goals of the group.
The Parseram Group’s gift to all creatures is; True service following the slogan and belief in "honesty, quality, development and innovation" for a more honorable life and comfort in light of respect for all coexistence, Work, Honest endeavor, and The proper use of natural gifts provided by God almighty.We thank the almighty God that during the past 40 years, every day, our services have extended to God's creatures.

                 AliAkbar Zanganeh
             Founder and Head of Parseram