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The human family living on the planet has reached a degree of comprehension that its health, happiness, surety, security and peace of the community are its goal. The proper use of the capabilities of nature in the service of nature itself, for sustainable living, is made possible through the creation of research in scientific, educational and entrepreneurial centers, which are the…

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Honesty, Quality and Innovation

Construction Projects

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 Iran Mall Commercial Complex  -  Tehran  -  Iran The construction of a metal structure and concreting part of the project was carried out by ASG in 2016This project will be featured in the world.

Reconstruction of Sirjan Road to Bandar Abbas in southern Iran by AGS International Co.

Assalouyeh petrochemicals

Gas transmission line

Ill Goli Tabriz Project

Construction of large factories in Parvan by AGS international corporation in EPC from 2010 to today


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5 امep 2018, 08:42

visit of the Governor of Tehran Province

His Excellency the Governor of Tehran Province, Mr. Moghimi, along with the accompanying staff, visited the development of food Industry projects in Panj-gol Parvan agro-industries company. 

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17 Aug 2017, 16:23

Meeting of Parseram Group Manager

The Parseram Annual Meeting was held on July 17,2017.This meeting was held with the presence of deputies and managers in the session hall.

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